An Integrated Clinical Communications Solution Leads to High Adoption

An Integrated Clinical Communications Solution Leads to High Adoption

There has been a lot of talk recently about the shift in the healthcare industry towards value-based care. How do hospitals and other care organizations find ways to control costs while remaining profitable but also improving patient outcomes? An advanced, integrated clinical communications solution can dramatically lower costs and streamline throughput while also ensuring patients receive great care.

Evaluating the various options available for improving care collaboration can be a challenge though so we’re here to help you navigate a path to communication efficiency. As the first secure messaging vendor to enter the healthcare market with the largest customer base today, TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard understands what it takes to drive communication success. That’s why our solution has evolved so much over the last year so we’re providing customers with a powerful and comprehensive communications platform.

Consider the following areas. These should be key components of any clinical communications solution.

ROI and Cost Savings

ROI-centric case studies ought to be easy for reputable vendors to provide. They should outline in detail how customers improved operational efficiencies as a result of using their tool. We know firsthand the advantages a tool like ours can deliver. Our customers are excited to share results with us that showcase a significant return on investment. Waterbury Hospital saved close to $1m in one year while MacNeal Hospital added $2.4 m in annual reimbursement revenue using TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard.

Some of the immediate benefits our customers highlight upon implementation include being able to share patient health information, images, lab results, and schedules quickly and securely. But what’s more, is that care teams also recognize very quickly that the tool gives them an opportunity to provide faster and more effective care. Care teams can get rid of voicemail and paging systems that eat into their already hectic days, they can communicate effectively with other team members and departments – physicians, nurses, surgeons, IT professionals, informatics teams, etc. creating a platform for enterprise-wide collaboration.

TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard lets clinicians know what’s being done as it’s being done. That means getting more done in less time…so patients wait less, bed days decrease, medical errors decline, and happiness amongst patients and staff rises.

Integration With Your EHR & Other Clinical Systems

A powerful, integrated solution funnels real-time messages and alerts from various systems like the EHR and centralizes them on a single platform that can be accessed from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. EHR alerts can be redirected to a physician or nurse’s smartphone when needed, for instance. Integrations with systems like Nurse Call, Scheduling, Pagers, Call Centers, and others can bring added value as well. Nurses, for example, can better manage patient needs and become less dependent on the computer terminal if the call system sends alerts directly to a smartphone.

Strategic partnerships, a developer-friendly API, and a skilled team are necessary for tackling the multitude of integrations needed for centralizing communication.

Ongoing Customer Success & Support

End-user training ensures the successful adoption of a particular solution. We all know technology can be finicky so it’s important that a vendor be available for continued support, education, and monitoring. They should also be able to provide recommendations for best practices and tracking performance.

Our customers rely on us for questions relating to the technology but more importantly for guidance surrounding how to make the most out of the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard platform within their health systems. We have customer success specialists dedicated to making sure our customers know how to utilize all the features of our product suite and customize them to suit their unique needs. Our expertise with enterprise-wide implementations in the healthcare space truly sets us apart.

Adoption & Engagement

High adoption of a clinical communications solution boosts productivity, lowers costs, and improves patient satisfaction. A simple, well-designed product is key for adoption. If you’re working with a clunky or confusing app, you’re much less likely to invest time to actually use it. A user-friendly design along with friendly administrative controls make for increased engagement, we would know. We definitely don’t mean to brag but we lead the pack when it comes to simplicity of the user experience. Our desktop application resonates exceptionally well with customers.

Our feature set is tailored towards hospital staff workflows and integrations that deliver the right information at the right time. Because of that, customer adoption is high across multiple types of end-users. Without high adoption, a solution like ours wouldn’t make sense. The key is encouraging all care team members to utilize the tool – keeping physicians, nurses, and other staff, connected at all times. That said, our adoption rates are especially high with nurses, which is so important considering the incredibly valuable role nurses play in both clinical communication and overall patient care.

Analytics and Performance

Tracking usage trends by organization, department, individual, or transactional data can provide information about how effectively your team is communicating. Real-time data displayed in a dashboard, for example, allows you to compare your results with other hospitals and determine whether you’re lagging or ahead of the pack. By accessing analytics, you can identify problem areas and implement strategies for improvement.

At TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard, data gets us excited. Nerd alert! All that means is we’ve invested heavily in building data tracking capabilities that allow our customers to monitor usage and benchmark against the industry’s top performers. That helps them identify ways to increase adoption, engagement, and message volume, all to make certain that our communication platform is driving success.


Given the mission-critical nature of healthcare, the potential impact of a communications service outage on patient outcomes means that anything less than 99.99% uptime is cause for concern. Can TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard claim 99.99% uptime? We can. At 1 million messages per day and counting we know there’s no wavering on that claim. That’s why we also provide real-time web reporting tools surrounding any service interruptions that we encounter. We don’t know many other vendors out there that can make the same claims.

Secure Messaging

Finally, with HIPAA-related fines on the rise, your clinical communications provider cannot expose you to further risk. Vendors with third-party security certifications like HITRUST bring an added level of security. HIPAA-compliance cannot easily be verified so security certifications from outside parties can help validate any claims relating to compliance. TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard, for example, is both HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST certified and also assumes all fines in the event that their product results in a violation. That’s our $1 million guarantee.

As our penetration within the healthcare market expands, we are identifying more and more opportunities to improve care team collaboration and help clinicians provide better patient care. As valued-based care becomes commonplace in today’s healthcare environment, an integrated, well-supported, data-driven clinical communications solution offers an immediate and substantial ROI.

Read our Clinical Communications Buyer’s Guide to learn more about the questions every executive should ask when evaluating a solution.

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