Why I Have the Best Job at TigerText

Why I Have the Best Job at TigerText

I have the best job here at TigerText. That is a big statement to make at such a diverse organization as TigerText, but I feel strongly about it. Here we follow our guiding light; the drive to make healthcare better and to make a positive impact on physicians, nurses, ancillary services, and ultimately patients. How do I do this and why is my job the best?

It’s the people

I have the privilege of meeting with all of the staff and learning from them. I am the training manager for TigerText and I train users on how to use our product. This is not difficult, as the users are smart people and the product is easy to learn. The most rewarding part of this process is meeting the end-users. On any given day of onsite training, I will visit 10 to 15 units, talking with end-users, showing them how to login on a desktop or mobile devices, guiding them to certain features depending on what they do, and learning as much as I can.

And the care team members I am always most excited to visit are nurses.

Although I am always eager to meet every one of our end-users, I feel the most immediate impact on productivity when rolling out TigerText is to the nursing staff. Nurses have a tough job. They are the patient care cycle project managers, they are the customer support, the educators, the applicators, the therapists, the first line of emergency response, and many other things. I have worked with nurses at the beginning of their shift and felt that eager apprehension of what the day may bring them, I have worked with them at the end of their shift and felt the pure exhaustion. Out of all these feelings and responses, there is one constant; the overwhelming excitement to have TigerText. To have access without limitation to help patients and get answers.

Of course, they always have questions, the questions I get are for their toughest problems.

Can I get a hold of pharmacy without waiting on the phone for 15min?
Yes, you can text them.

Can I see a doctor has received my text?
Yes, you can even see when they have read your message.

You mean I don’t have to wait blindly for two hours to get a response?
That’s right, TigerText will even show you when they are typing a response.

What if I want to send a picture?
You can do that too, let me show you how to send a compliant image, with patient health information (PHI).

Can we create groups?
As many as you like, with as many people as you like, and, they are completely private.

What about forwarding a message to someone else?
You can forward any message you have received or sent and the recipient will see who sent the original message, no need to clarify.

How do I know who is on-call? We have this whiteboard, (or binder) with all the doctors but it’s not updated very often.
TigerText has a feature called Roles, and with your facility’s integrated schedule you can find the cardiologist on-call quickly and feel confident that it is the right person.

These are some of the pain points that come to mind when we first experience the app together. As we progress through these answers the smiles get bigger and bigger…and sometimes, it even ends in a hug.

We are solving problems that felt impossible, sometimes even solving problems that were not seen as such. The sigh of relief is a reflection on the weight and importance that all involved in the patient care cycle feel every day. I have the privilege to guide our users to that relief and that excitement.

This is why I have the best job here at TigerText.