Benefits of Consumer Technologies for Health IT

Consumer technologies aren’t just for individuals anymore; rather than adopt what the corporate IT departments have chosen to deploy, employees are choosing their own devices and technologies, and healthcare facilities are no exception. More and more healthcare facilities are seeing the value in consumer-friendly business applications to deliver the user-friendliness and elegant design that workers have gotten from their iPhones, Apple Watches, and messaging applications.

Doctors and nurses want the same convenience from the messaging applications they use at work that they have at home, which means communication that is not only secure but also fast and easy. So, complicated, bloated business applications built for security alone are a thing of the past, and basic texting — which is not secure or HIPAA-compliant — doesn’t cut it either. Our TigerConnect platform lets health IT companies build real-time, secure messaging applications to streamline a number of healthcare processes including tracking patient visits, sharing test results, discussing cases, and ordering prescriptions.

With these applications on their smartphones, Apple Watches, and computers, healthcare professionals can send and receive the messages necessary to do their jobs with the intuitiveness of texting a friend plus an added layer of security to comply with HIPAA regulations.

An infographic from Caradigm from 2014 expresses that BYOD is “here to stay” with 85% of hospitals allowing clinicians and staff to connect to the hospital’s wifi and cloud. With TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard’s HIPAA compliant secure platform hospitals can allow their employees more BYOD freedoms with a safety net. Health IT applications that utilize consumer technologies have a lower cost, faster response, improved satisfaction, and better outcomes than traditional and insecure forms of communication, such as email, SMS texting, or pagers. Even when IT solutions are purchased on behalf of a facility, the end-users are still humans, so the organization as a whole will function more smoothly when its technology is tailored toward the needs and preferences of its workers.

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