Becker’s & AONE Recap

Becker's & AONE Recap

Two Shows, Hundreds of Conversations and One Major Theme

Last week, Becker’s Hospital Review held their 9th Annual Review Meeting. Over 3,000 healthcare business and strategy leaders came to Chicago to discuss and share new ways to improve hospital operations and improve their bottom lines.

At nearly the same time, in Indianapolis, nursing leadership from all over the country gathered to discuss similar ideas at the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) annual conference. And from panels to exhibitor booths, TigerConnect was there for both of them.

Becker’s 9th Annual Review Meeting

While our booth was a hotspot for conversation around the current state of clinical communication and collaboration tools, the discussion that took place at our panel “Driving Better Outcomes through Better Communication” really sparked a fire in Health IT leaders interested in changing the face of modern clinical communication. Dr. Mary Asal and Dr. Jonathan Berkowitz, both from Westchester Medical Center, joined Dr. Spencer Erman from Hartford HealthCare and our very own CEO Brad Brooks to discuss the changes that each of them were seeing within their respective organizations, as well as what the future of clinical communication holds. Improved coordination, broken down barriers between department silos, and an overall increase in resident happiness were just some of the key findings presented by the panel.

AONE Annual Conference

Meanwhile, over 150 miles away, at the AONE conference for nurse leaders many attendees stopped by our booth looking for additional information on how to expand their existing use of TigerConnect within their organizations (because they love it) or were in the process of evaluating clinical communication platforms (because they had heard from their peers about the impact the solution is having on their organizations). But the one thing we heard over and over was that physicians and nurses are using different communication methods and cannot easily collaborate with one another, so they wanted to know more about how TigerConnect could solve their problem.

It’s Right There in the Name

Clinical Communication and Collaboration isn’t just a term coined by Gartner*, it’s the main impetus behind what we do at TigerConnect. From changing our name to better reflect our company goals to expanding our features beyond secure messaging, breaking down the walls to connect caregivers and helping them communicate better is what we have been doing for years.

It was great to see the different ways our Clinical Communication and Collaboration platform can help improve your workflows. To learn more, download our latest use cases brochure.