Android v4.7 Release Notes - September 04, 2014

Major updates:
  • All-new account setup
  • Increased font sizes for better readability
  • Faster cross-device syncing
  • Faster push notifications
  • Do Not Disturb status icon in the Inbox
  • Avatars: Snap a picture, or add from your gallery
  • Contact matching: Expand your encrypted messaging network
  • Update to Our App Permissions
If you have a work email set up on your phone, TigerText will automatically match you to your organization.

New Account Setup

Let’s face it – no one likes to log in. Usernames. Passwords. Wait, what was I supposed to do again?

Yes, we have been there, too. And we feel your pain, which is why we eliminated the guesswork involved in setting up your account for the first time. Tell us who you are by entering your email (or your TigerText username if you’ve been given one by your organization), and TigerText will automatically figure out what you need to do next. Our new foolproof registration ensures that you and your colleagues will get up and running faster than ever.





Increased Font Sizes

Okay, we realize this is not a big thing (pun), but so many of you asked us to bump up the font size in our app that we couldn’t say no. That’s why in this new version of TigerText, the messages are rendered in our largest point size ever so you can consume messages faster and keep those reading glasses firmly in your pocket.


Faster cross-device syncing

Knowing when someone has received and read your text message is critical to speedier communication exchanges and getting your work done faster. When there is a lag in that process, you’re stuck waiting. And who has time for that? To make sure you’re never stuck waiting, we’ve fine-tuned our message status capability so you and the people you communicate with will know immediately when messages have been sent, delivered, and read.

We also ratcheted up the speed on our push notifications so you’ll know right away when a new TigerText message comes in so you can jump into action (or at least know what’s going on.)


Enhanced Push Notifications

Push notifications are the lifeline for any messaging app. Because they’re that important, we went to the drawing board to optimize and organize our push notifications in a way that makes the TigerText app sync even faster.


Do Not Disturb Status in Your Inbox

See when co-workers are in DoNotDisturb mode.

Sometimes our colleagues are just too busy to respond, which is why we created the Do Not Disturb feature. In the prior version of TigerText, you couldn’t easily tell if that person was in Do Not Disturb mode unless you tried to send a message. Now you can see right away if a co-worker is in Do Not Disturb mode by checking for the grey icon next to their name in your Contacts list. Of course, we made it easy to tell when others are in Do Not Disturb mode, but what about you? Our new ‘reminder’ in your TigerText inbox makes sure you never accidentally leave Do Not Disturb turned on, helping you avoid that eerie feeling that your quiet day at work is a little too good to be true.


Add a Picture to Your Account

Pesonalize your profile with a photo from your camera or gallery.

In the age of the selfie, not having a profile photo is downright criminal, so TigerText now makes it easier than ever to show yourself off with three easy options:

  • Keep it simple and use your existing TigerText avatar
  • Snap a photo on the spot and use it (because you look fabulous wherever you go), or…
  • Upload an image from your smartphone’s gallery

Improved Address Book Matching

Look for the "double T" icon to quickly identify co-workers using TigerText.

*(Contacts screen; Look for the ‘double T’ icon to quickly identify co-workers using TigerText.) We have added more control for this feature we previously released. Quickly find which of your colleagues is on TigerText; those contacts who have the TigerText app installed now have the ‘double T’ icon next to their name in your address book. This feature is currently only available on Android and can be easily disabled (and reenabled) any time via “App Settings”.

Ever wonder which of your contacts are using TigerText? Wonder no more. Now you can quickly spot co-workers and personal contacts by looking for the “tt” icon next to their name in the TigerText contact list inside the app.


Update to Our App Permissions

Receive messages via SMS whenever WiFi and cell signals are not available.

One of the most valuable features in TigerText is the ability to receive messages via SMS when WiFi or LTE are not available. Buildings have thick walls, which are really good at blocking cell signals. When connectivity is patchy, messages get missed. That’s why we created Delivery Escalations, which takes messages that are undeliverable due to a weak signal and after five minutes re-routes them through the lower-bandwidth SMS channel. As this feature has grown in popularity among our customers, so has the need to have a mobile number on record. That’s why we updated our app permissions and built a phone number verification process into the new registration flow. This takes the burden off of admins to collect mobile numbers. Our system will automatically verify users’ phone numbers after they send us a one-time SMS. During registration, simply tap the button that says “Activate This Device”… Validating the phone number will ensure that you don’t miss another critical message, assuming you have enabled Delivery Escalations for your organization. For all users who are currently logged in to our Android app, no action is required. However, in order to access the latest and greatest builds on Android, we’re asking our users to look for and accept this update when you are notified by Google Play.