Android v4.7.2 Release Notes - November 3, 2014

Major updates:
  • Added faster, messaging architecture
  • Fixes for search, login, notifications, and TigerPage

Faster Messaging Architecture

Fun fact: Our Android application supports over 6,400 different devices. And that list keeps on growing by the month.

All of this diversity means that our app has to accommodate a wide range of different hardware and software configurations whenever someone connects to our service.

However, all those different devices come with varying abilities to establish and maintain a high-bandwidth connection. The interplay between our app on your device and our secure servers can be processing-intensive. In other words, it is not always fast, and speed matters a lot when it comes to messaging.

So we came up with a better solution. It’s just as secure, but the connection protocol is far more tolerant of your device’s ability to process data and connect to the Internet. And it is faster. Much faster.


Other Improvements

We sleep better when our app runs like a Swiss-watch, so we added a few enhancements and fixes that include:

  • Push Notifications – Updated the way we receive notifications while the app is in the background.
  • Search – Fixed an issue that was not returning Group conversations in search results.
  • Group Announcements – Fixed an issue with the display of Group Announcements in your Inbox.
  • UI & Message Processing – Fixed an issue where new message information wasn’t being sent to the user interface fast enough, causing some rendering delays.
  • Case-Sensitive Login – Fixed an issue that required users to enter case-sensitive login credentials for Email/Username.