Android v4.7.1 Release Notes - October 17, 2014

Major updates:
  • Native Android popups for message options
  • Unsent message “drafts”
  • Additional improvements

New Message Options

Like you, we appreciate a good, clean user experience, so we did a little bit of user interface house cleaning. We took the old look – what we called the “shelf” – and swapped it for a more native Android look and feel. This should also keep your conversation screen free from clutter.

Unsent Message “Drafts”

It’s happened to us all: You start writing a message, then you get pulled into something else; a new message comes in, your colleague asks you a question, you get a phone call – life happens.

Now, if you’re typing a message and you leave that message unfinished we store it as a “draft” inside TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard. We even added this nifty little reminder in your inbox that there’s some thought that needed to be completed (and sent!).

Other Improvements

Here’s a list of additional enhancements:

  • More Login Options – We expanded support so users can log in with any identifying information – username, email, and/or phone – that is already used on their account.
  • Better Memory Allocation – We optimized the allocation of memory resources, improving the overall stability and speed of the app.
  • More Secure PIN Lock – End users now have the ability to make their PIN lock more stringent than the one set by their admin