Android v4.6.2 Release Notes - June 12, 2014

Targeted Release Date Week of: June 16, 2014
Major updates:
  • Admins now have sole control over the removal of users from an organization
  • The number of supported devices has been increased
  • Message badges now sync more effectively
  • Numerous bug fixes to improve stability and performance
  • Discontinued support for Gingerbread OS on Android

Update to Organization Memberships

Previously, end-users had the ability to remove themselves from any TigerText organization by manually deleting that organization from their app. This update disables that option on the Android client. If you are a TigerText customer, your users can only be removed from an org by your TigerText Admin.

For those using the free version of TigerText, end-users continue to have the ability to add and remove themselves from any TigerText organization.


Broader Device Support

Because of its massive reach, there are now thousands of Android device types currently being used in the market. With version 4.6.2, TigerText is now available on well over 5,000 different devices running Android.


Badge Syncing Update

As you may know, “badges” are those little red circles with a number in them that appear over in the TigerText app whenever there’s a new message or notification. You see these whenever you receive a new TigerText message.

For users of both Android and our Web Console app, you may have noticed occasional inconsistencies in the number of ‘read’ messages that would appear when you compared the web version to the Android version of the app. To address this issue, we completely re-engineered the way badges are surfaced in the app so that both the web and mobile apps remain in lockstep, so you’ll always have the most current statuses as you switch from one to the other.


Gingerbread – Discontinued Support

As the number of devices using the older Android Gingerbread Operating System (OS) continues to decline, we are freezing future development for this version of the Android OS. Gingerbread users will still be able to download and use TigerText on version 4.6.2 and TigerText Customer Support will continue to be available.


Viewable Username in Profile

Many TigerText customers rely on a unique ID or username field for their employees. TigerText now honors these fields by displaying them within the application so they’re accessible for every user. Simply select ‘Conversation Settings’ when having a conversation with another user to see the username associated with that user. If a username is not part of your organization, then no name will be displayed.