Android 5.3 Release Notes - Connection Status, Speed, and File-Share

Connection Status

It’s human nature that we want to stay connected. But sometimes, no matter how strong we build our networks, something intervenes. The stairwell in the parking garage. A jump between WiFi signals. The walls of the basement storage room. Bandwidth dwindles. A connection drops. For various reasons, we get bumped off the network.

As frustrating as it can be when we lose a connection, we’re better off if we know what happened. With this next release, TigerText for Android will be expanding the Connection Status Notifications in the top banner to show more information about interruptions in network connectivity and TigerText’s attempts to reconnect.

Active Indicator in Directory

We want to make it clear when a connection problem might be interfering with message transmission or access to attachments. Whether a user needs to change a device setting or move to a new location, the banner will cue them to take action and restore connectivity.

Speed, Speed, Fast, Speed

We take great pride in our product, which is one reason we strive to make TigerText as fast as possible. But there’s another more practical reason we push the app to move at maximum speed. We know the faster we make TigerText, the more work you can do in less time. Better performance means our users can make critical decisions quicker, and with less confusion.

With this new ‘always connected’ release, we are taking speed seriously with several changes to optimize performance. TigerText will run persistently in the background so the app is always ready to send or receive messages. Like other communication apps, we will do all this without an impact to battery life or data consumption. Translation: truly real-time messaging. TigerText will now send and receive data faster and more reliably, especially when service is interrupted.

Active Indicator in Directory

For example, if you were to enter a tunnel at the very moment you sent a message, these new enhancements will ensure your message is processed immediately after your internet connection is restored. Furthermore, because TigerText will actively seek to maintain a connection with our network, you can expect to immediately receive all the latest messages and updates as well.

File Share

At TigerText, we’re all about saving you steps. With this latest version of TigerText for Android, we now let you quickly and easily send TigerText messages from other apps. In version 5.3, you’ll see TigerText among the file-forwarding options when selecting photos, videos, PDFs, text, URLS, Microsoft Office files, Presentations, etc.

Active Indicator in Directory

If you’d like to send a file as an attachment from within another app, say, Box’s file sharing app, simply choose the option to ‘share,’ and then select TigerText.

A screen will open showing your TigerText inboxes; after you select one you can choose the User, Group, or Distribution List to share the file with. With just a few taps, you can send secure attachments through TigerText.