And the HCI Innovator Award Goes to...Scottsdale Health Partners

Congratulations to Scottsdale Health Partners (SHP) for being chosen as a winner for the 2016 HCI Innovator Award. The editors at Healthcare Informatics bestowed the honor to SHP for their innovative approach to avoid unnecessary hospital re-admissions for patients, specifically for their creative use of existing systems to close the technology gap.

For all of their hard work in developing a more efficient health information exchange portal, SHP saw outstanding results around readmission rates. Their ambulatory care coordinator’s caseloads used to be around 90 to 125 moderate to high-risk patients, but now transition care managers are able to see 20% to 40% more patients per day. SHP also reportedly lowered their all-payer readmission rate to below 9%, a whopping 40% lower than Arizona’s state average. In all, and we don’t mind bragging about our customer’s success, SHP cut costs by 10%

SHP first became a TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard customer in 2012 when they needed to address HIPAA-compliant messaging among the transition of care managers. But since then, we’ve witnessed how they’ve been able to leverage not only our technology but other health information systems, in order to provide better patient care.

We’ve been fortunate to work with SHP and Faron Thompson, Chief Operating Officer, to help them deliver real-time alerts to their staff. By implementing TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard with their HIE, automated alerts from the HIE are now routed to physicians’ and care managers’ mobile devices. Email no longer goes unchecked for hours or even days, instead, SHP staff is able to make faster and more informed decisions to treat their patients

Once again, congratulation to Scottsdale Health Partners and all of the great work they’ve done in improving patient care and reducing readmissions. We’ve been happy to help along the way, and are excited to see what you have planned next.