Amplifying Covid-19 Vaccination Adherence 

Amplifying Covid-19 Vaccination Adherence 

Managing the Vaccination, Follow Up Dosages, and Protocols

The first round of Covid-19 vaccinations began this week across the country. This momentous event marks the beginning of what may be the end of the pandemic, providing a glimmer of hope to end this challenging year and instill cautious optimism for the year to come.

However, we know the next few months will continue to burden our healthcare community as we manage new vaccination hurdles and procedures, especially when it comes to second-dosage adherence. 

COVID-19 Vaccination
Patient Coordination

Download our guide to find out how to use TigerConnect Patient Engagement for patient vaccination adherence as well as supply logistics, adverse event monitoring, and management of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Patient Vaccination Coordination Datasheet

Clinician Challenges

  • Managing new vaccination protocols and adherence
  • Providing care for the rising number of Covid-19 cases
  • Delivering ongoing care for the rest of the population

Factors like timing, patient age, and urgency may all play a part in how likely patients will return for their second dose of the Covid-19 vaccination. In addition, concerns about vaccination supply or potential side effects may dissuade patients from following through as well. 

To increase vaccine effectiveness, strategies like scheduling follow-up appointments or sending reminders via text can ensure that patients will complete their second vaccination. As we move into the next phase of managing Covid-19, we continue to work closely with our clients to provide the best possible tools for managing the distribution and administration of the vaccine. 

TigerConnect Patient Engagement* Enhances Vaccine Efforts

This year, we developed and launched TigerConnect Patient Engagement*, our patient engagement platform. TigerConnect Patient Engagement was launched in order to support our clients efficiently by providing a safe way to reach out to their patient populations. 

Since our launch in May, we have seen over 120,000 secure chat conversations between patients and their care team, and over 10,000 video visits. This is a tremendous demonstration of the need for secure, easy-to-use virtual care technology to deliver care at such an urgent time. 

TigerConnect Patient Engagement clients who vary from single-provider clinics to large academic medical systems are already using the platform to support their vaccination efforts. 

TigerConnect Patient Engagement Vaccine Support

  • Share critical vaccine safety information
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Discuss vaccine Q+As with patients and their families
  • Easily follow up with large patient cohorts regarding their second dose appointments

TigerConnect Patient Engagement provides easy-to-use tools that allow care team members and administrators to reach out to individual patients, groups of patients as needed, or with scheduled and templated messages. This flexibility and ease of use have enabled clients of all sizes to launch their patient vaccine outreach efforts even before having any vaccines on site. As the general population begins to get vaccinated, TigerConnect Patient Engagement will be at the forefront of these critical efforts.

Features and Covid-19 Use Cases

TigerConnect’s care team collaboration features like Roles, Teams, and Broadcast Lists have long been used to find the right person at the right time, activate emergency teams with the touch of a button, and share mass communications across entire facilities or health systems. 

These features continue to prove their value and drive critical Covid-19 vaccine workflows. Many of our clients are already finding new Covid-19 vaccine-specific use cases.

  • Vaccine Distribution & Management 24/7 On-Call Role: Identify rotating owner for 24/7 coverage
  • Patient Appointments Admin On-Call Role: Used to request or update patient appointments
  • Vaccine Rapid Response Team: Subset of existing RRT plus Infectious Disease Response Team
  • Vaccine Adverse Events Team: ID or emergency response team to answer questions or respond to critical events
  • Patient Appointments Updates: Used to alert staff on appointment volumes and processes
  • Covid Leadership Team: Includes C-suite and Infectious Disease Leadership

Final Thoughts

We are honored to be even a small part of our client efforts to deliver vaccines safely and efficiently. This year has proven to be an incredibly challenging one for the entire health care community and for health systems both large and small, but rest assured that brighter days are ahead.

TigerConnect is committed to providing secure care team collaboration and patient engagement tools that drive efficiencies and improve patient care. We thank the entire medical community for the dedication and care you have provided during these trying times. 

Will O’Connor, M.D. is the Chief Medical Information Officer at TigerConnect. As a physician executive with more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Will is a passionate advocate for rapid advancement across the healthcare industry.

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