Admin Console Release Notes - June 06, 2014

Targeted Release Date Week of June 09, 2014
Major updates:
  • Greater administrator control of message settings, including the ability to customize settings for individuals
  • Advanced management of your users that includes faster adding/editing/removing of user accounts
  • Customized directories of users for targeted employee communications
  • Batch uploading of new user accounts from a .csv or similar file type
  • Two options for assigning admin roles – Help Desk or Administrator
  • Additional capabilities related to device management, message archiving, and more


This latest 4.0 release of the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard Administrator Console is available to enterprise customers and represents a substantial redesign of the administration capabilities of the product. Key features have been streamlined and enhanced, allowing Administrators to more easily and effectively manage users and enforce messaging policies within the organization.

Message Settings

The new and improved message settings give you greater control over how TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard is used in your organization. You can also provide customized settings for individual users such as executives, who require different policies. Enhancements include:

NEW! Message Forwarding – Admins now have the ability to turn Messaging Forwarding on or off for the entire organization.

NEW! Delivery Escalations – For messages that have not been read within 5 minutes, the recipient will receive an SMS alerting him/her that a message is pending. This admin-controlled setting can be applied to an entire organization or individually for users such as executives who may have special messaging requirements. Delivery Escalations are helpful in locations where WiFi or network connectivity is patchy and messages may not be immediately deliverable.

Message Lifespan – Message Lifespan is now an administrator-controlled feature that applies to the entire organization, enabling enforcement of policies around how long a message will last. Exceptions can be made for individuals such as executives who may require different message lifespan settings.

PIN Lock – Admins can now require a 4-digit numeric PIN lock settings at the app-level for all mobile users to protect data in the event a device is lost or stolen.

Admin Roles

Administrators can now assign admin roles to multiple individuals. Additionally, admins can be designated as one of two types of roles – Help Desk or Administrator.

Help Desk Role – This admin role allows for very basic troubleshooting such as resetting passwords and setting Message Lifespan policies.

Administrator Role – This role allows for the full range of admin functionality, including enhanced capabilities around user management, adding and removing users, and greater control over organization-wide features such as Message Forwarding and Delivery Escalations.

User Management

Batch Uploading of Users – Admins can now upload and create accounts for large numbers of users at once by uploading a .csv file into TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard containing the names and information of their users.

One-Click Removal of Users – TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard users can now be removed by admins from an organization’s account with a single click. This revokes access to old messages and blocks the user’s ability to send or receive messages within the organization.

Customized Directories – For more context-specific messaging, admins can create custom directories by department or role so that more targeting messages can be delivered.

Additional Features

Message Archive Setup & Provisioning Options – TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard support specialist can quickly set up message archiving for your account. Your support specialist can also integrate with your existing user authentication systems such as LDAP or Active Directory for faster provisioning and authentication of users.

View Devices & Login Data – Admins can now see which types of devices each user is using as well as when the user last logged in to the TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard app.