Accelerating the Product Roadmap at an Urgent Time

Accelerating the Product Roadmap at an Urgent Time

Speeding Up Telehealth to Meet Pandemic Demands

As we wrap up the year and close out the first season of The Connect Care Team podcast, we interview Tommy Wright, TigerConnect’s Director of Product Marketing, discussing how the product roadmap quickly advanced to provide innovative virtual care during COVID-19.

Tommy uniquely sits between TigerConnect’s marketing, product, and sales, following trends and shifts in the marketplace. These findings shape the TigerConnect product roadmap, new functionalities, and market positioning in order to build content that drives success.


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TigerConnect’s Product Roadmap

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a challenging year, requiring quick decisions and strategic agility. When COVID-19 hit, the immediate need for a telehealth baseline model and a minimum viable product was evident.

At such a critical time, the initial goal was to quickly roll out a solution in order to meet vital demands. As the year progressed, however, we received feedback, new use cases, and data to help develop the TigerConnect platform.

Through ingenuity, flexibility, and engineering, TigerConnect accelerated our product roadmap for clinicians and patients. Here’s where 2020 has led us.

TigerConnect Patient Engagement Launch

Prior to the pandemic, TigerConnect was already working on new patient messaging functionalities, a core concept of our recently launched solution, TigerConnect Patient Engagement.

TigerConnect’s clinician communication goes hand-in-hand with patient messaging, letting clinicians toggle conversations seamlessly between colleagues and patients with a single touch.

  • Loop in patients, families, and other caregivers
  • Forward messages to one-on-one conversations
  • Keep your networks separate when preferred

TigerConnect Patient Engagement opens communication between healthcare professionals and patients by giving everyone an easy, convenient way to interact. Clinicians can quickly switch modes, while patients can chat with providers, no portals to sign into or additional apps to download.

Removing the hurdles typically found in patient portals, a simple SMS link offers a secure, encrypted conversation. Here, patients and providers can share updates, ask questions, send or receive attachments, and interact with key members of their care team. There’s no phone tag, and clinicians can respond at a time that is convenient for them.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Acquisition

By the summer of 2020, TigerConnect had finalized a vital acquisition for our product roadmap. In the fall, we launched TigerConnect Physician Scheduling, formerly Call Scheduler, our new physician on-call scheduling solution.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling allows role-based messaging to seamlessly identify and communicate with the individual on call. Rather than knowing who is on duty, clinicians are able to message the role directly.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling delivers a flexible, easy-to-use scheduling system, enabling instant communication. Using TigerConnect Physician Scheduling streamlines scheduling changes, time-off requests, and future shift assignments on one, integrated, mobile-friendly platform.

Integrated with TigerConnect or as a standalone solution, automated physician scheduling software saves hours and simplifies on-call schedule creation.

Our Most Advanced Integrations

From an engineering perspective, getting all the most important features under one roof became a primary goal for our platform and product roadmap.

TigerConnect Physician Scheduling’s EHR integrations synchronize data, allowing physicians to see the impact a time-off request has on patient appointments or to be notified when a patient cancels. TigerConnect Physician Scheduling also blocks out physicians’ availability for vacations and freezes appointment slots to eliminate scheduling mix-ups.

These clinical integrations move notifications, images, lab results, and other vital data from system to smartphone faster than ever. Providers can connect with the EHR, telemetry monitoring equipment, labs, scheduling systems, and more to save time and speed up workflows.

TigerConnect’s accessible API means our platform integrates with a wide range of third-party systems. Our pre-built code libraries, developer resources, and solution design experts make it easy to integrate with virtually any third-party system.
By developing smarter integrations and more robust functionality, clinicians are able to consolidate their vendors while minimizing their tools and solutions, bringing major functionalities into one solution.

Messaging: Broadcast, Scheduled, and Group

Among the chief features for communication are our various solutions and methods for secure, reliable messaging. With broadcast messaging, individuals have the ability to send out a message to a large number of individuals, notifying them of an announcement or a vital situation instantly. In addition, subgroups may be created, allowing clinicians to better target these broadcast messages to smaller groups of individuals that your topic is relevant to.

Providers can send out these messages to a number of different patients who won’t see others on the thread, providing a secure, confidential way to send out a mass message.

Scheduled messaging goes hand-in-hand with broadcast messaging as a way to schedule when a message goes out. TigerConnect provides message templates for common, recurring messages, further simplifying communication.

Smarter group messaging features and functionalities also allow clinicians to loop in family members, emergency contacts, and other caregivers, giving us the ability to open up a group conversation where everyone is in sync on one concise thread.

Voice and Video Innovation

Having video and voice implemented in addition to secure text, TigerConnect continues to see increased use, satisfaction, and growing demand for these functionalities.

Enterprise health systems, nurses, and the entire care team need a communication solution they can use remotely, whether on desktop or through mobile devices.

With voice and video, clinicians can communicate the way they want with teams and patients. Start video sessions, phone calls, or text securely, all within TigerConnect. Ideal for home health consults, remote video patient check-ins, and conversations with family members, TigerConnect empowers clinicians with telehealth tools needed to expand virtual care.

Unite specialists, primary care physicians, case managers, nurses, and other colleagues in a single video session, conveniently connecting patients with the right specialists for faster, smarter care.

Final Thoughts

As clinical communication and collaboration evolve at such a monumental time, Tommy’s advice is to put the needs of the patient first.

“It’s always just keeping the patient in mind, always thinking through how this is going to affect them, their care, their satisfaction. It’s just so critical and everything we do.”

To learn more about TigerConnect’s suite of products, reach out to us any time or request a demo.

John Elms is the Chief Strategy Officer and leads the development of all TigerConnect health communication and collaboration product offerings.

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