Accelerating Stroke Treatment with a Clinical Communication Solution

Someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds. And every four minutes, or by the time you finish reading this blog, another stroke death will have occurred.

Not only that, the estimated cost of stroke services in the United States amounts to a staggering $34 billion. And hospitalizations involving stroke can carry substantial price tags that vary greatly depending on the type of stroke, diagnosis status, and existing medical conditions.

Clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions play a crucial role in stroke assessment, care coordination, and treatment, not to mention patient outcomes and after-effects. In the scenario below, we show how a patient experiencing stroke symptoms can receive faster treatment using TigerConnect.

Stroke use case and workflow

Download our latest use case infographic to see how clinical communication and collaboration solutions like TigerConnect can help stroke victims receive faster treatment, as well as lower door-to-needle time.

Will O’Connor, M.D. is the Chief Medical Information Officer at TigerConnect. As a physician executive with more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Will is a passionate advocate for rapid advancement across the healthcare industry.

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