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    Survey: Employees Text Using Unsecured Channels

    It’s no surprise that consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices in the workplace. After all, daily mobile usage among consumers is up to nearly four hours per day on average, and that can’t ALL be for fun, right?...

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  • Phil Leung, VP, Product Management

    Introducing TigerText for iPad

    Bigger doesn’t always mean better. However, for TigerText, bigger now means a new and improved TigerText app for the iPad. In other words, bigger...and better! After observing and listening to TigerTexters, we know that many of our users have multiple...

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  • Phil Leung, VP, Product Management

    iOS v5.1 Release Notes – February 03, 2015

    Major updates: Apple Document Picker Support (iOS8 only) Optimized Layout for iPad, iPhone 6+ In-App Alert Sound Setting Quick Filter Groups and Distribution Lists Apple Document Picker Support Listen up, file-philes. We all know that sending photos and videos is...

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  • Phil Leung, VP, Product Management

    Web Console 5.4 Search Enhancements

    Updates: Categorized Search Results for Web Console Web Search Enhancements The purpose of the search is to find stuff. Quickly. And easily. But sometimes you get more than you bargained for, like pages and pages of results, which is why...

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Heather Preece, Kodiak Kindness founder and Executive Director, discusses how TigerConnect enables Kodiak Kindness to provide ongoing support to their community.

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