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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    On-Call Scheduler Leadership – Scheduling

    Beyond the rules, day-off limitations, and tally time-frames there is the "wizard behind the curtain", the On-Call Scheduler. We've all tried this: create the perfect on-call schedule that honors ALL the rules, grants ALL Provider requests, while producing fair tallies...

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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    Rewarding Your Call Scheduler in a Meaningful Way – Scheduling

    How can you reward your remarkable on-call scheduler for his (or her) efforts in a way that can also inspire others? Do they even realize what a meaningful impact their position has within the organization? After the industry "baseline rewards"...

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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    Gaming the On Call Schedule! – Scheduling

    How can you guarantee objectivity, fairness, and transparency in your on-call schedules? In the past, paper calendars and excel documents made "gaming" difficult to detect. Auditing was inaccurate and time-consuming since schedules were generally created by hand from scratch each...

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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    8 Steps from Newbie to Master On-Call Scheduler – Scheduling

    Using a Training analogy, what does the on-call scheduling journey look like from "newbie" to "seasoned" professional? What does evolving from short-term emergency scheduling to a long-term sustainable process look like? The short-haul: This is where many first-timers start: creating...

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