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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    Fear of Change & the on-call Schedule (Part 1) – Scheduling

    You have taken a long-term, multi-faceted approach to manage your change-over to on-call software and a new scheduling process. You have allocated the time, resources, and commitment to do this. Why then why, six months later, has the new implementation...

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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    It’s Not Fair! Call Schedule Training Conversations from the Field – Scheduling

    When best-intentioned providers try to come up with scheduling methods to meet their needs, but they cannot (or will not) change those ideas when confronted with the reality of generating a repeatable schedule... you can be sure the scheduler will...

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  • Amy Engebretson, Senior Customer Project Manager

    Automate Your On-Call Schedule — Scheduling

    By improving accountability, having a centralized location, using standardized processes, and eliminating paperwork, ALL users of an on-call calendar can benefit right from “Go Live”. All authorized users have to do is view the schedules! How is time saved? By...

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  • Brad Brooks, CEO of TigerConnect

    What If? – An Update from CEO Brad Brooks

    We were unexpectedly interrupted last Friday at our office in Santa Monica by the thundering sounds of the Space Shuttle Endeavor piggy-backing a ride on a 747 jet to arrive at its final resting place at the downtown Science Museum....

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