7 Ways to Create a More Engaging Company Culture

The average worker spends more than 40 hours a week at the office…that’s more than 2,000 hours a year! Having a lethargic workplace can be mind-numbing and cause a lack of productivity. In addition, dull and drab workplaces with little social stimulation are often linked to companies with high turnover rates. Is your company culture promoting your employees’ happiness or demotivating them? Here are seven great ways to create a more engaging company culture.

1.) Open workspaces: Confining employees in closed offices or cubicles prevent them from interacting and helping each other come up with great ideas. Don’t fret over the occasional social gossip or banter that may result – employees will learn more about one another and their interests. Open workspaces also encourage moving around and enable employees to approach fellow co-workers for advice to help with projects, which in turn, fosters a more enjoyable and welcoming work environment.

2.) Provide free snacks and coffee: Hungry people have trouble focusing and are easily agitated. Stocking your kitchen with delicious and healthy snacks keeps them focused, happy and nourished. An added bonus, provide lunch to your employees once or twice a week. It not only gives employees a reason to mingle and converse over a meal, but it also fuels your employees!

3.) Liberal dress code: People are happiest when they have the freedom to express themselves and be comfortable. Clothing is often the way we express our mood, interests, and personality. If employees do not have to meet with clients daily, why not let them have the simple pleasure of dressing how they want. Feeling casual one day? Wear shorts and a t-shirt! Just got an awesome new pair of jeans and a cardigan? Go for it! Allowing people to be themselves at the office makes them feel more comfortable and creative.

4.) Interactive break activities: Rather than taking a break browsing Facebook or Twitter, provide the opportunity to engage in fun and bonding breaks. Many offices have ping-pong and foosball tables, mini soccer goals, air hockey, and even rock climbing! Don’t have quite that budget? Don’t worry, there are many fun and inexpensive board or card games employees can spend fifteen to twenty minutes playing together.

5.) Create weekly traditions: Tradition cultivates culture. Find an event or gathering the whole company can enjoy, whether it’s a different food truck on Wednesdays, Monday Night Football dinners, happy hour Fridays, or even a morning stretch to start the day.

6.) Celebrate together: Whether it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, bridal shower, baby shower, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmakkuh, make it a min-celebration at the office. Offer a catered lunch, organize a happy hour after work, have a costume contest, or decorate with Christmas and Hanukkah décor to promote happiness and positives vibes among employees.

7.) Compete and Unite: Motivate and unite everybody by encouraging a little team competition. Whether it’s a fun charity event like the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, physical and exhilarating Tough Mudder Competition, or corky and committed Movember contest, creating opportunities for employees to unite as a team and compete with each other improves overall bonding.