12 Ways Secure Messaging Is Used In Healthcare (Infographic)

With 87 percent of healthcare professionals using their smartphones in the workplace, several organizations have turned to secure texting to streamline conversations around patients while managing compliance risks. Texting fosters a collaborative environment by enabling users to quickly communicate with staff and coordinate with other departments and eradicating the need for multiple devices and tedious communication channels, but secure texting goes beyond the basics. It offers a HIPAA-compliant way to communicate and gives staff instant and secure access to x-rays, patient files, and laboratory data directly to their mobile devices, helping to promote collaboration between all departments.

By using a private, secure texting network doctors, nurses, and staff can safely send and receive secure images, files, and PHI on the fly, and streamline conversations around patients. The results – shortened response times, fewer emails and phone tag, improved workflows, and more importantly, enhanced patient care. Check out the infographic below to learn 12 ways healthcare organizations are using secure texting in their daily workflows.

JPG - 12 Ways Secure Texting is Used in Healthcare

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