10 Reasons Why We Should Be Thankful for Nurses

Happy National Nurses Day and Week! Every year, May 6th is not only National Nurses Day, but it also marks the beginning of National Nurses Week, the annually celebrated holiday that recognizes the contributions nurses make to the community and honors and the integral care they provide to us and our loved ones. This week celebrates nurses across the nation – their compassion, imagination, tenacity, the ability to perform under pressure.  They care, comfort, humor and cajole us, and in the end, they save lives. We owe them our thanks.

So in light of National Nurses Week, we ask that you honor the nurses in your life, show them you care, and give them a little love back for all the things they do that we should be so very grateful for. Here are just 10 of the many reasons why we should be thankful for nurses.

1.) They make sure you take all your shots and vaccines.

2.) They aren’t afraid to hold your hand.

3.) They know how to stay calm in emergencies.

4.) They know how to “kiss” away our boo-boos.

5.) They’re pretty much always right.

6.) When “everything’s going to be alright,” they celebrate in the joy too.

7.) They make sure you get your daily nutrients (and sometimes even slip you a lil’ extra dessert)

8.) They constantly check up on you to make sure you’re okay.

9.) They kindly put up with disgruntled (and sometimes crazy) visitors.

10.) They have the stamina to endure late shifts, long hours and stand on their feet most of the day, but they do it all for us.