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  • It’s time for hospitals to revamp clinical communication — 4 experts weigh in on moving beyond pagers & faxes

    It's time for hospitals to revamp clinical communication — 4 experts weigh in on moving beyond pagers & faxes Originally posted in Becker's Hospital Review; Content sponsored by TigerConnect Healthcare remains one of the few industries to rely on communication...

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  • Restoring the art of practicing medicine: Reducing physician burnout with streamlined clinical communication

    Restoring the art of practicing medicine Reducing physician burnout with streamlined clinical communication Originally posted in Becker's Hospital Review; Written by Will O'Connor, M.D., TigerConnect Chief Medical Information Officer There are numerous surveys demonstrating that electronic health records (EHRs) are...

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  • Improve Clinical Communication to Reduce ED Overuse and Control Costs

    Originally posted in Healthcare Business Today, by Brad Brooks, TigerText CEO

    Much has been written recently about the opioid epidemic running rampantly through American cities and towns. The crisis impacts everyone, including hospitals that are being inundated by patients with opioid-related emergencies, often including overdoses of potentially lethal combinations of prescription medications and illegal drugs.

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  • Reclaim an hour or more with integrated mobile communication

    Originally posted in HIT Leaders & News; Written by Brad Brooks, TigerText CEO

    It’s no wonder a recent survey shows that 70 percent of nurses report feeling burned out. As patient care demands, care complexity, and regulatory uncertainties compound with inefficient clinical communication workflows to create a lethal cocktail for burnout and patient safety concerns.

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  • On Text Messaging, Clinicians Can’t Think Like Consumers

    The widespread issue of unsecured texting in clinical settings is finally taking a turn for the better. With clinical communication solutions like TigerText, it’s time to set aside risky, cryptic, de-identified messaging in favor of a product that can truly move healthcare forward in a way that protects patient safety and simplifies communication.

    Read the full article here.

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  • Clinical Communication Must Evolve to a System of Record, Display and Action to Improve Efficiency

    Originally posted in Becker’s Healthcare Review, Written by Brad Brooks, TigerText CEO

    It’s no secret that electronic health record (EHRs) still do not fit well with clinical workflows.

    This means providers often wait until the end of their shift to enter data, which leads to stale information for other care team members until the chart is updated. To mitigate that risk, they often carry their most recent patient information with them on paper or their personal mobile device.

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  • Improving Clinical Communication for Care Coordination

    Originally posted in Hospitals & Health Networks, Written by Brad Brooks, TigerText CEO

    Truly collaborative care requires efficient and effective clinical communication during patient handoffs — from the emergency department to radiology to surgery and even to the patient’s primary care physician.

    With most physicians and other clinicians using disparate communications platforms, however, handoffs can be uncoordinated and incomplete, leading to wasted time, unnecessary costs and unplanned outcomes.

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  • TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard Focuses on Optimizing Clinical Workflow in New Release

    Originally posted March, 24 2016 Featured in HIT Consultant

    Sadly, the majority of the healthcare industry is still using outdated pager services, over paying by 45 percent. TigerText, the secure communications leader in healthcare, announced its Spring ’16 release which focuses s on optimizing clinical workflow efficiency and reducing the costs of care delivery.

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  • TigerConnect Clinical Collaboration Platform – Standard Deepens Box Integration to Provide Easier DICOM Image Collaboration

    Healthcare Tech Box Banner

    Originally posted March 1, 2016 Featured in HealthTech Zone

    TigerText, a provider of secure communications solutions for enterprises and the healthcare industry, has been making moves lately to enhance the messaging capabilities of healthcare providers. In January, for example, the company released two new tools to help healthcare providers move away from outdated short-range hospital communications like pager and fax systems with the release of TigerPage and TigerFax. Now, TigerText is enabling its joint users to collaborate on DICOM medical images through deeper integration with Box.

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  • Black Book Recognizes the Top Ranked Technology Suppliers at HIMSS16

    Originally posted February 29, 2016, Featured in

    Black Book Research acknowledges the top-performing healthcare technology companies within various market segments based on the industry’s largest client survey of hospitals, physician practices, managed care organizations and ancillary providers at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society annual conference in Las Vegas this week.

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  • 90% of U.S. hospitals still use pagers and pay $180,000 per year for that

    Originally posted February 26, 2016 (Featured in Post Online Media)

    The HIMSS Analytics research in which 200 hospitals were surveyed, revealed that 90% of these organization still use pagers and on average spend around $180,000 per year.

    This study “The Hidden Cost of Pagers in Healthcare” included research from HIMSS Analytics and other market research.

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  • Avoiding indecipherable M.D. scrawl: Nuance delivers a health-specific speech-to-text offering

    Avoiding indecipherable M.D. scrawl: Nuance delivers a health-specific speech-to-text offering By Ben Kepes     February 17, 2016 (Featured in ComputerWorld) Doctors are known for having some of the worst handwriting in the world. Nuance could have the solution. I once...

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