Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to transform healthcare communication

Our Mission

To transform healthcare communication to make the lives
of physicians, nurses, and patients better.

Our Values

  • Be Empathetic & Thoughtful

    Two values that everyone at TigerConnect aims for in terms of how we understand and respect everyone we come in contact with.

  • Have a Sense of Urgency

    We consistently take the utmost seriousness in what we do, as we know the faster we succeed, the faster we will create a positive impact in the world. We strive to achieve our goals as quickly as possible to move on to the next.

  • Accept Personal Responsibility for Our Craft

    We take pride in being a collection of professionals who aspire to be the best in their respected role. We continue to learn and develop, and take ownership and accountability in what we do.

  • Be Truth Seeking

    We never settle for an "okay" answer, instead we go above and beyond to ensure that we are getting the right answer by being analytical, data-centric, and fact-based in our approach to finding solutions.

  • Have Purity of Cause

    We are here because we all want to make a change. We assume the best intent in each other, and support each other in all we do in order to reach our mission.

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